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In the spring of 2020, an imperative social movement began in response to white supremacy and the police brutality it enables. Protesters, social justice workers, and activists took to the streets to proclaim the truth, and demand a better future.


Supply Hive founders Aaliyah Quinn and Zakariyah Hill knew that any movement requires logistics; food, water, supplies, and support that enabled people to join and stay in the fight. At first, Aaliyah and Zakariyah were focused solely on nourishing the movement; but as their crowd-sourced funding grew, and people were eager to join them, it sparked an idea. 

What if the concept of nourishment and support could be extended beyond that crucial moment in time? What if we could look at ways to sustainably nourish marginalized communities and peoples? 

What if support were extended to create real and lasting change in ways that the Des Moines community had not seen before? 

Supply Hive's mandate to help marginalized communities is not unique, but the deep intersectionality between groups and sustainability are.


Read on about our values to learn more.



We are a safe space for people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and faiths.


We seek to create long-lasting infrastructure for economic, environmental, and social advancement in our community.


We create a feeling of fellowship with others around our common goals.


We seek to surround ourselves with people who are committed to the fight for social change.


We stand firm in our beliefs of honesty and integrity, in order to influence others to participate in accomplishing our goals.


We are genuinely concerned for other's needs, and approach others with empathy. We take every opportunity to learn from our community.


The Supply Hive's work is inspired by that of bees. Each member of the Hive has an imperative role in the life and health of all the others. 

By working together, they thrive in the long, cold winter, without food or warmth. 

We believe by working together, the community can achieve greatness. 

We forage supplies and essentials like bees do honey and pollen. We connect supply chains. 

We remain sustainable, storing for the long winter and distributing over time when it's most needed. 


Bees dance to warm their hive, and show others where the best food is. We also inject joy into our work and movement, and commit to joy and comfort as an act of care and rebellion. A smile is as powerful to us as a weapon.   

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